Country: UK
Title: Acolytes of the Descent
Label: Misantrof
Year: 2010
Style: Blackened Death Metal

This one if Nierty's third album to date, available as both physical CD and free download from Misantrof, a net label with quite high popularity because it's owned by a member of Carpathian Forest. 
Nierty is a combination of Black and Death Metal with quite a messy, chaotic sound, a sound that makes it a bit hard to digest, at least for me. They say it's Black Industrial Death Grind, but I see no signs of Industrial or Grind inhere, who knows, maybe on their past releases. This one is, indeed a Blackened Death Metal, and a very good one if we speak about composition and execution without adding this horrible sound (again, some of you might like it, but not me, it's too messy and ruins all this great atmosphere). It's strange what I'm saying here, on one hand I hate this release because of its sound and on the other I love it for the music on it that's extremely catchy and interesting, just thing of the first Hecate Enthroned albums, how fresh and aggressive they were. Honestly, with a good studio recording this band will rip your appart, this is music to desecrate all that's holy. Strongly recommended (just because it's free download) for the ones of you in search of the new UK Black Death Metal leader!
Reviewed by Adrian