No holds barred Black-industrial Death-Grind all served up with an undertone of misery. Based in the UK Nierty is a gathering of lost souls with the unrelenting need to spread true contempt for humanity 

 Nierty was started late in 2006 in north wales by founding member Skaven as a raw one man project with only one concept, to make a series of experimental EPs of the most furious and visciously distorted underground metal possible. between the years 2007 and 2009 Nierty unleashed 4 conceptual albums. maniacal laughter, diametrical infarcations, dominion, and essence of the nightbringer, with variouse self produced cover art and a filthy underground productions. 

By the dawn of 2010 Nierty is ascends with the addition of a full band line up including two members of the cult band Hecate Enthroned, for the recording of the first collaborative album Fed To Rats and re-release of Essence Of The Nightbringer to engage the UK underground's live scene. Further strengthening their ranks, Nierty enlisted the help of the session opratix by Archvile, and new guitarist Xaphanas for the 3rd album Acolytes Of The Descent which was proudly released on the Norwegian Anti-lable of Daniel Vrangsin(carpathian forest) Misantrof on Halloween as the 3rd installment of a trilogy of Free albums released in 2010 to unleash all hell upon mankind.
In August 2014 reaches forth from the fog of war with the release of Shadowstar Cenotaph featuring vocals by Sartana Schatterstorm (USA) and Archvile(UK) and veteran co-conspirator Necrotic Cunt with one of the leading internet metal labels for free expression Torn Flesh Record, completely FREE.
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